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Vehicle Fleet Cleaning

Vehicle Fleet Cleaning, the Easy Way

Managing a large fleet of vehicles requires a lot of moving parts. Keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a bottleneck or a luxury if your location has an Optima Steamer.
On Demand, Everywhere – 2-4 operators can clean interiors & exteriors on the spot
Clean with Steam – Less water consumption, no waste water, no chemicals
Do More, Use Less – Up to 100 cars per day, using less than a gallon of water per car
Stop relying on outside cleaning solutions and start saving time. The Optima Steamer will be your new in-house fleet vehicle cleaning and detailing shop, providing flexible cleaning solutions with professional results.
2+ Operators

2+ Operators allows for both the exterior and the interior to be washed simultaneously, allowing for a complete cleaning with a super-fast turnaround.

Wet and Dry Steam
Wet and Dry Steam

Adjustable moisture control settings allows you to quickly add moisture for heavy dirt or to go low moisture for quick dry times.

Quick Preheating Time
Quick Preheating Time

The OPTIMA STEAMER gets up to full pressure in as little as 3 minutes and maintains that pressure all day (no loss of pressure like competitor brands)

Simple & User-Friendly

On-screen display notifies you of operational issues and maintenance so you can just turn on and start steaming.

with Steam

More Reasons to go with Steam

Whatever the size and type of fleet you have, here are more reasons why the OPTIMA STEAMER is the best solution for keeping your fleet vehicles clean.

Easy Integration. No construction, no reclamation–cleaning where you need it

Safe Operation, Minimal Training. The OPTIMA STEAMER can be run by anyone and requires little training

Do it Right, In-House. Get the power and flexibility of doing detailing and odor removal onsite

Save Money. Save Time. Bypass regulations, use less chemicals, use less water, create less waste

See the OPTIMA in action

Buses, taxis, rental fleet, carts, trucks… the OPTIMA STEAMER is the perfect addition to make managing your fleet easier.

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