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Using the OPTIMA STEAMER will downsize your overhead BIG time.
The OPTIMA cleans without chemicals and uses a fraction of water, generating zero waste water runoff.
This means no need to fill up an oversized water tank every morning, no prep work to contain water and no clean-up, eliminating the need for a mat, waste water tank or reclamation system—that or having to worry about getting citations for not carrying those things.
The combined power of heat, steam vapor, and pressure loosens dirt and contaminants, creates a lubricant layer from instant condensation, and breaks up grease and grime.
This will reduce your chemical consumption by up to 90% not to mention that it will speed up your cleaning process. If you bring an air compressor for nooks and crannies, you won’t need that either because the steamer does the same job better.
With the powerful, high volume output of the OPTIMA STEAMER, you’ll eliminate the need for much of your equipment the chemicals that you would normally rely on, the water tanks, and more—all while speeding up your cleaning process and helping turn around jobs quicker.


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The OPTIMA STEAMER is the first steam car wash and the one that paved the way for this niche business model. Being able
to go where other mobile wash businesses can’t, steam car wash means bringing the car wash to the customer. The OPTIMA
STEAMER remains the leader in this global phenomenon due to its powerful steam production which is necessary to
effectively clean a car’s exterior and to do it quickly.
And because the OPTIMA’s powerful steam is equally effective at interior cleaning, engine degreasing, wheel cleaning,
deodorizing, and sanitizing, the OPTIMA will be your tool for everything, saving you time and money.
Take a look at our wide selection of accessories that will make your mobile car wash business easier and more effective.
From extended length hoses and guns, to brushes for tough grime and spray bottles for wax and an added shine!


The OPTIMA STEAMER was born out of the need to reduce water consumption—not only to conserve resources but also to
create a cleaning solution that works smarter and can go places pressure washers can’t. As a result, with the OPTIMA you
are investing in a tool that opens doors to new revenue streams, all while being more eco-friendly.
Steam is a proven sanitizer, effective at killing odor-causing bacteria, mitigating fungus and molds, and killing viruses—a
necessity now more than ever and one that will continue to offer value to new customers. With the OPTIMA STEAMER, you
are investing in your future as well as the world’s.

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The OPTIMA XD stands as our ultimate answer for make industrial-grade cleaning mobile. The XD’s compact design
minimizes its footprint. the OPTIMA XD is easy to store in even smaller vehicles and light enough for 1 person to move. But
even with it’s small size, it holds more water and more fuel than our competitors.
The OPTIMA XD comes with 2 steam hoses, each 10 meters long, making it easy for 2 operators to move around a vehicle.
And because of its unrivaled steam production powered, you’ll be up and running in minutes, able to handle the toughest
jobs in the shortest amount of time.
With the OPTIMA XD, you’ll be moving fast, light and efficiently.

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Recommended Model : OPITMA XD

The diesel-powered OPTIMA STEAMER XD is our flagship steamer,
redesigned with next generation features that make it easier to
harness the cleaning power of steam.
The XD is the ultimate solution for mobile car wash.




For mobile wash operators, the OPTIMA STEAMER can reduce water consumption by 95%, cleaning a car using as little as 3-
4 Liters of water.
Not only will steam reduce your water consumption and water bill, it will also reduce the equipment and space necessary to
contain water. Weight reduction will greatly reduce vehicle fuel consumption.
Compared to traditional pressure washer operators who carry over 947 Liters of water and a recovery tank, OPTIMA
STEAMER users will need no more than 75 Liters of water for all day use with no recovery tank!


Steam allows a mobile wash operators to drastically reduce their chemical consumption.
In fact, steam eliminates your need for window cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergent and other abrasive and harmful
compounds. With a moisture control feature, the OPTIMA STEAMER achieves wet or dry steam. Heat of the steam will break
down dirt and grime easily and sanitize any surface without chemical, and gentle yet powerful steam pressure will lift them
up from vehicles’ surface.
The temperature of steam can be easily controlled by the distance you hold it from the surface, ensuring no damage to
surface, especially paint and clear coats!



Untreated waste water disposal to ground soil and storm drains impacts the environment.
The equipment required for containing wastewater and the cost to maintain it decreases productivity and profit. Using the
OPTIMA STEAMER, a mobile wash operator can wash and clean without producing wastewater.
Eliminating the need for a wastewater reclamation mat and containment system decreases wash time per car and increases
your earning potential.


• Clean interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, door jams, floor mats, tires, trunks, upholstery, wheel wells, and hard to reach nooks and crannies
• Remove stains from upholstery in less time and using less water than an extractor
• Consume as little as 3-4 Liters of water per car wash
• Eliminate waste water
• Chemical-free sanitation
• Remove, dirt, stains and grease
• Deodorize and sterilize surfaces


• Two operators can clean at once
• Adjustable moisture control valve
• Easy to operate and maintain
• Reduce the need for chemical cleansers
• Reduce the time spent scrubbing vehicle surfaces
• Wash without getting your feet wet
• Automated boiler and safety features
• Mobile



The OPTIMA STEAMER saves you valuable time and unnecessary stress by providing you all the solutions to your deep cleaning, stain-removing, sanitizing, and versatile detailing needs. Without the need for chemicals and additional appliances, the revolutionary OPTIMA STEAMER encompasses the very essence of efficiency and versatility.
In most mobile wash business set-ups, the OPTIMA STEAMER can eliminate the need of the following: pressure washer, air compressor, wash mat, water reclamation system, over-sized water tank, waste tank, and most chemicals for degreasing, washing and rinsing.



While each OPTIMA cleaning system requires an initial investment, it is able to easily make up for that cost within its first few months of operation.
With very little water, diesel and high quality microfiber towels, the OPTIMA is a ready-to-go. The all-in-one system will save you money on water and an abundance of other supplies and chemicals. As you will now have one primary piece of equipment as opposed to multiple pieces, equipment, operations and maintenance costs including fuel will reduce drastically. In addition, it will be able to expand your business model with all of the new services you will be able to offer as a result.




Deep stain removal

Rim brake dust removal


Cal H. Stanisch, Green Steam Mobile Auto SPA

“The OPTIMA is an integral part of our business model that is based on convenience and eco-friendly vehicle cleaning. The OPTIMA provides optimum eco-friendly cleaning : no chemicals, only soft water steam to disinfect and clean interiors to a high degree by powering dirt and grim away not only from easy to reach surfaces but especially from hard to reach areas like between seats and consoles in a time saving efficient manner.
This equates to profits. The OPTIMA also provides cleaning of child seats
to a degree not obtainable with traditional cleaning methods of high moisture hot water extraction, soaps and/or chemicals. This allows
Green Steam Mobile Auto SPA to successfully penetrate the young professional vehicle owner/user market and parents with young children vehicle owner/user markets both of which are substantial in size in Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding area.”

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ustin Holcomb, Eco Steam Car Wash & Detailing

“As a company that used pressure washing equipment for many years, converting to the OPTIMA STEAMER has not only changed our cleaning method in a positive, eco-friendly way, it has opened the door for more commercial clients because of the eco-friendly aspect. We can now offer our washing services to clients we couldn’t to in the past. Best decision I’ve made since 2005!”

Manny Espitia, Steamin N Gleamin

“I started with a regular power washer, but realized it did not do the job
I wanted to do, and did not help in providing the eco-friendly GREEN services I wanted to provide in the world we live in today.
So I returned it and got myself a DMF OPTIMA STEAMER, and this machine went above and beyond my expectations. I have no need to connect to my customers water source, which means I can perform my services virtually anywhere. The variety of attachments available for this particular machine have also made it possible for me to be able to apply this product to many other applications other than just washing and detailing vehicles. This machine has opened many doors of financial opportunity for me.