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Company History

2022' ~ 2011'

2020. 07  Nominated as ‘Respected Business Person’ Twelve
2020. 02  CEO Homoog Yoo, Appointed as President of KSCA Busan Association
2019. 05  Won the ‘Iron Tower’ Prize of Industrial Service Merit
2019. 03  Opened its Japanese Branch in Tokyo, Japan
2018. 04  Selected as a global Korea Jiangsu enterprise
2017. 12  Nominated as “Human Resource Development Enterprise by Small & Medium Business Administration”
2017. 12  Got a Strategic Industry Leading Company Certification
2017. 08  Optima Steamer aired on YTN TV Show, “A small but powerful company is strength”
2017. 07  Renewed ISO 9001:2015
2017. 06  Selected as the best venture company by Busan Metropolitan City
2016. 07  Won “the grand prize of our Government’s medium enterpriser”
2016. 04  Selected as “The best venture company of the Korean Government”
2015. 11  Won “The leading company prize of the Korean Government”
2015. 06  Registered a patent for Turbo steam nozzle
2015. 05  Registered a patent for the tool of Rotating steam spray and vacuum system
2014. 12  Nominated as “National Top 100 Human Resource Development Enterprise by Small & Medium Business Administration
2014. 12  Get the Prizes from Korean Ministry of Trade and Busan Metropolitan City
2013. 12  Optima Steamer nominated as Industrial Convergence Product by the Government Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
2013. 10  Established a new production facility (over 8,265 square meters)
2013. 09  Obtained the Trademark Rights for “Optima Steamer” from the Korean Government Intellectual property office
2013. 07  Established the SJE Research and Development center
2013. 06  Registered a patent of the Smoke/Water tube Steam Boiler
2013. 05  Registered a patent of Steam Boiler
2013. 05  Obtained a CSA(Canadian Standards Association) certification
2013. 05  Applied for the trademark rights of “SJE OPTIMA STEAMER” in China
2013. 05  Changed its corporate name to “SJE Corporation”
2013. 04  Applied for a patent of “Steam Boiler” in the United States
2013. 02  Became the prize winner at 11th Innovative Technology Show
2013. 02  Applied for Trademark Rights as “OPTIMA STEAMER” from the Government Intellectual property office
2012. 12  Selected to a Promising Export Enterprise
2012. 08  Nominated as a Global Top Rank Enterprise by Small & Medium Business Corporation
2011. 12  Won the Prime Minister Citation for its contribution to export growth

2001' ~ 2010'

2010. 11  Received the Citation Certificate from the Korean Government Ministry of Knowledge Economy for its extraordinary export record.
2010. 09  Won the Prize at 11th Innovative Technology Show
2010. 07  Applied for Trademark Rights of “OPTIMA STEAMER” from the Intellectual property office of Korean Government
2010. 05  Received the KOTRA Seal of Excellence, a Mark of Quality, High Technology and Trustworthiness
2010. 02  The CEO of SJE to be named the Trader of this Month by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2010. 01  Established a business center in California, USA
2009. 11  Obtained a NRTL certification (qualified for “cTUVus”) for Optima Steamer
2009. 10  Selected as a Management Innovation Business (MAIN-BIZ) by the Business Administration for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs
2008. 07  Obtained the quality certification ISO9001:2000
2008. 04  Obtained a “CE”, an quality certification mark in EU, for Low-Voltage Directive
2008. 04  Obtained a “CE”, an quality certification mark in EU, for Electromagnetic Compatibility
2004. 04  Started to export a steam cleaningmachine of high performance as “OPTIMA STEAMER”
2003. 05  Opened a Customer service center & show room nearSeoul in Korea
2000. 10  Registered Trademark(High pressure washer M1001, L2003, H2003)

1990' ~ 2000'

1998. 09  Took over its business of high pressure washer from LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.
1995. 06  Established new office and production facility
1991. 01   Founded SeongJin Engineering Co. , as a professional distributor of industrial high pressure and cleaning equipment