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Clean, detail, and deodorize vehicles right on the lot.


Quick Preheating Time. The OPTIMA STEAMER gets up to full pressure in less than 4 minutes and maintains that pressure all day (no loss of pressure like competitor brands).

Simple & User-Friendly. With a smart operating system and on-screen display, operation and maintenance is made simple. Just turn it on and start steaming.

Wet and Dry Steam. The OPTIMA has an adjustable moisture level control that allows you switch to wet steam for heavy jobs, like engine degreasing.
Use It in the Shop, Too. Because it produces virtually no waste water, your mechanics can use it while cars are in the shop.

On Demand, Everywhere. Diesel-powered, easy to move, ready for 2+ operators, and no overspray means you bring the cleaning to the vehicle.

Steam Means Green. Clean, sanitize & deodorize with no wastewater, no chemicals. Saves time and money.

Less Water. Better Results. Wash up to 100 cars per day with less than 3 – 4 Liters of water each.
Easy Integration. No construction needed. No reclamation because there’s no waste water. Runs on diesel and standard power.

Safe Operation. Minimal Training. With 20+ safety features it’s easy enough for anyone to use with minimal training.

Do it Right, In-House. Get the power and flexibility of doing detailing and odor removal on-site.

Save Money. Save Time. Bypass regulations, use less chemicals, use less water, and stop outsourcing.


The power and volume of dry vapor steam generated by the OPTIMA STEAMER makes it possible to clean an entire vehicle—inside and out—with less than 3-4 Liters of water.
With the OPTIMA STEAMER, you’ll be replacing extractors, pressure washers, chemicals
all while adding the benefits of instant sanitization and odor removal, saving your
dealership time, money and hassle.

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