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Interior Steam Cleaning

Are you looking for a fast and efficient cleaning solution for the interior of your car that won’t leave you waiting hours for the interior to dry before returning it to the customer? Meet the OPTIMA STEAMER, a premium steamer for car interiors and beyond. The OPTIMA XD is drastically more durable and productive than the other weaker steamers you might be familiar with, making interior detailing a much less lengthy and intensive process. Our premier auto interior steam cleaner is also eco-friendly and was created with the health of the environment and families in mind. It can thoroughly clean the interior of a standard-sized car with less than a gallon of water, and no chemicals are required. This reduces water usage, ensures no toxic waste gets poured into drains, and keeps fabric free of harmful chemical residue. The reduced water usage also means our car interior steamer will save you money in the long run. Considering the increased productivity that reduces the time spent cleaning, eco-friendly features, and cut-costs by saving water, what’s there not to like?



With the OPTIMA car interior steamer, even notoriously difficult tasks like removing pet hair become a breeze, taking just seconds to remove fur and hair fibers from any surface. An auto interior steam cleaner also allows you to effectively remove dirt in hard-to-reach places like cupholders, door jambs, vent seams, and more without slowing the process, switching tools, or using different cleaning agents. As soon as the hot steam encounters dirt, grime, or any other gunk that’s lodged itself into the fibers of upholstery or an interior mat, the debris is softened and blown off. The surface is left clean and dries in seconds. When you steam clean a car interior with the OPTIMA STEAMER, you’ll not only reduce the time spent focusing on those hard-toreach areas but clean them more effectively too! Our products are also effective at detailing the exterior of a vehicle and offer many of the same benefits. From floor mats and upholstery to wheel wells and even engines, the OPTIMA STEAMER can meet all your automotive detailing needs.

Eco-friendly auto interior steam cleaner

Unlike most other forms of car interior cleaning, the OPTIMA car interior steamer requires very little water and absolutely zero chemicals. The unique and efficient internal design uses less than one gallon of water to clean the entire interior of a standard-sized vehicle simply with the power of steam. You might be skeptical of how good of a cleaning agent the steam is, but we guarantee it’s just as effective at removing stains and killing mold, bacteria, and viruses as other cleaners, all while being better for the health of the environment. That’s right – the OPTIMA auto interior steam cleaner doesn’t just clean, it sanitizes as well. It does this without leaving behind any scent, meaning there is no risk of customers being allergic to a chemical used to create a scent or appalled by the smell.

Increased productivity

Thanks to the unrivaled efficiency of our auto interior steam cleaner, you can now achieve express high quality interior cleaning Not only is the steam an effective cleaning agent, but the OPTIMA STEAMER’s heating system produces heat much faster than any other steamer on the market, so you won’t have to stop and waste time waiting for pressure to regenerate. This is why high volume operations repeatedly choose the OPTIMA over other brands. And because steam penetrates through hard-to-reach areas, you don’t need to keep switching tools or products – the OPTIMA car interior steamer can do it all. This means you not only can steam clean a car interior but you can offer other valuable cleaning services like baby car seat cleaning or pet car seat cleaning that will take just a few extra minutes.