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Company Overview

SJE Corporation Ltd., has produced industrial steam cleaners in Korea which are famous as “Optima Steamer” in the world. With its advanced technology and after-sales service system worldwide, it has provided its machines to more than 120 countries.

Originally, the company was established in the city of Busan in 1991. It focused on introducing European commercial and industrial high pressure washer to the Korean market. Within a few years, It became the top reseller in the Korean high pressure washer industry.

In 2002, it started to target the domestic steam cleaner market. Demand for steam cleaning equipment has steadily increased as people have found new ways to clean carpets, upholstery and etc. due to their more westernized lifestyle.

As its sales increases repeatedly, the company strived to provide customers with industrial steam cleaners similar to domestic steam cleaners. The machines were much more powerful and durable in the market. After several years of trial and error, the company launched the Optima Steamer Series in Korea in 2004.

Thanks to Optima Steamers’ user-friendly application, water-saving design and superior quality, the customers in over 117 countries have benefited from steam cleaning and cleaning. The company has been dedicated to the continuous research and development of steam cleaning equipment to meet the needs of various customers around the world for many years.

As a “green” manufacturer, the company is proud of its commitment to high quality products, No.1 customer satisfaction and environmental conservation.

The company believes that its products will be beneficial to your business and your environment.

CEO & President Homoog Yoo